After hiking the Grouse Grind on a visit to Vancouver, Erin FITZPATRICK (AKA FITZY) had the inspiration to create chocolates that used simple, pure ingredients that tasted great.  She set about making her 70% dark chocolates a reality, with the cacao ethically sourced from Peru, she spent time at the farm teaching the women to make chocolate themselves!  Taste testing in her kitchen in Toronto, she finally perfected the Vegan Organic Salted Caramel centered dark chocolate!  Next came the Peppermint, using Peppermint oil for that intense, pure taste.

With all operations set up for a move to Vancouver from Toronto, Erin had a change of heart (a marriage proposal!) and decided to stay in Toronto.  Tori Kershaw (OWNER/OPERATOR 2018) stepped in to continue feeding people chocolate!  With her focus on growing the business and involving the community with more flavors!  Born in 2018 Coconut and Maple!